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Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements - Bouquets you can eat!

At North Bay Fruit Blossoms, floral arrangements meet fresh fruit, resulting in the creation of lush, mouth-watering edible bouquets. With the rise in healthy eating trends Blossoms has tapped into a unique market where a bouquet can be beautiful, satisfying and delicious!

All of these unique creations can be seen on the North Bay Fruit Blossoms website, where the sizes, selection and prices are displayed. 

To order your unique and edible Blossom for anywhere in Canada go to the website and choose an arrangement. Call our location on Main Street East in North Bay to place your order. We can answer any questions you may have and personally help you through the ordering process for pick-up and delivery.

Remember you can customize a Blossom to your specification, event and price point.

Visit: www.northbayfruitblossoms.com  or call 705-477-5966